Today we worked at a charming school in Cambridge (Abbey School). We have been contracted to sand back an old Canadian maple gymnasium that had been for lack of a better word, neglected. A floor used for sports ideally needs a coat of lacquer every 12-18 months and this has not been done, so the maple had cracked in places and the games lines worn away and, indeed, the surface was slightly slippery. Lacquering really does need to be simply to keep the sports floor performing well and looks good.

The largest challenge was that the floor was slightly warped so the sanders found it difficult to get traction on the floor; we had to drop to a low grit of sandpaper simply to level the floor with the sanders and even out the ripples. Once the floor was level we could get a nice finish on the grain and close the grits to a finish of 150 grit for that perfect smoothness.  We then applied a coat of primer, netball games lines, basketball games lines and badminton games lines.  After they were in place we applied 3 final coats of lacquer. This returned a old tired and unfit floor to a beautiful finished maple gymnasium floor!

Perfect for bringing out the best performance in the school’s pupils!