Baker barracks is off a small man-made island off of Portsmouth. This was a little way from home, but the courtship team travel all across the country to perform contracts.

The specification of this contract was to refurbish the sports hall floor, including full sanding and coats of sports lacquer to protect the flooring after all the works had been completed. The client decided not to install games lines to the floor but left it bare to use the floor as a gymnasium.

When the team arrived, the condition of the floor was rather dire mainly due to the fact that the hall was previously used as a storage facility. The flooring in question had never had any maintenance performed, we always recommend constant maintenance to free the lacquer from dirt and grease as when left, the contaminates will wear away the lacquer over time. Not only this, but there were numerous heavy machines and equipment simply dragged across the sports hall, now even though hardwoods are tough materials they won’t resist pure point pressure from heavy metal equipment. We were very concerned we wouldn’t be able to remove all the damage done to the floor over the years of neglect.



The Process

For this particular job, the team used high zirconia rated papers on a very low grit to try and take as much of the floor level off as possible. It is possible to sand through to much of the wood which would make the boards thin and weak which you don’t want to do on a 500sqm sports hall. The team ensured that this didn’t happen as they sanded the flooring through the grits and inspected the floor after each grit run.

Thankfully, a lot of the deep scratches were removed and were almost unnoticeable once the grain was closed. When the team were happy that the wood flooring was at an acceptable level, they applied the primer coat, once this dried we knocked the grain back and applied final coats of lacquer. In future, we hope they invest in floor protection before using heavy machinery!