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Colyton Leisure Centre – Scrub and Reseal

Located in South Devon, our specification on this contract was to perform a scrub and reseal on a sports hall floor and dance studio. The sports hall is a Junckers beech sprung system measuring over 500sqm in size. The flooring was in desperate need of a deep clean and the traction was weak. There were also many areas of slight scratches on the surface of the lacquer from general wear and tear, most likely due to badminton rackets. The flooring was also patchy in areas of high activity which caused the floor to look very worn.

This sports hall floor had seen better days, however, these issues can be remedied easily with our scrub and reseal process. Firstly, we began by abrading the surface of the sports floor to remove the damaged lacquer. This is performed with very fine sand screen discs. Once this had been completed, the team applied strong cleaning agents to the floor, allowing the cleaner to soak into the flooring which will remove any form of contaminants. Without this process taking place, the new layers of lacquer would most likely fail.

Defensive Maintenence

As with all jobs, preparation is key but this is especially true with defensive maintenance contract such as this. This is due to the large of lacquer being applied to the floor (around 200 Litres), which is a very expensive waste if the correct stages of preparation for the sports flooring are not followed.

The application of the lacquer itself takes no longer than an hour per coat with the special equipment the team use for sports floors. The logistical issue lies in the drying times between coats. Each coat can take anywhere up to 6 hours to dry and 72 hours to cure. Therefore, it is essential that the first coat is done on the first day of the contract.

Thankfully, there were no hitches on this contract and the transformation of the sports hall floor was clear for all to see. The sports flooring looked clean and adequate traction levels were restored.

The Finished Sports Hall Floor:

Finishing the Dance Studio


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December 4th, 2017|