Trowbridge civic centre Flooring refurbishment.

On this sports flooring refurbishment project the courtship team were asked to complete a specification to sand and stain a guild hall floor dark & rich so….we did. We have worked in Trowbridge numerous times for our liesure centre and school clients, this was slightly different.

The Trowbridge civic centre is a fantastic establishment, able to host over 500 person capacity for shows and performances.

The material we were working with was Junkers beech. The size of the sports flooring was over 500sqm.

Conditon of the floor was suspect with numerous deep scratches and marks. We were confident our sanding machines would remove the imperfections. The machines stepped up to the task and after a few days left the floor looking meraculesly clean and ready for staining. The stain was applied and left the Trowbridge civic centre staff staring at the process.

This was allowed to dry and sealed with a sports lacquer. We hope it added some depth to the room for future performances.