Here at Courtship Flooring, we offer floor installation, refurbishment and maintenance services for all sports halls. Are you in need of any of these services? Keep reading to learn more about our range of services.


Sports hall floor installation is a different process compared to standard floor installation. All sports hall flooring must meet specific levels of area and point elasticity, as well as bounce rate and traction levels being considered. All of these factors should be considered to meet sporting regulations, ensuring the floor is safe for use and functional.

There are many different types of sports hall flooring available, each with its own benefits. We can offer advice to ensure you choose the right flooring to suit your sports hall’s needs. As a sports hall floor installer, we’re approved by every sports flooring supplier on the market and have strong relationships with all of them. We have developed these professional connections over 30 years of being an established company. 

Choosing your Floor

When choosing your subfloor installation system, you should consider your existing subfloor as well as the building and any other requirements you may have (e.g. needing to accommodate underfloor heating). You’ll then need to choose your top surface – this is when you’ll need to consider what sports/activities will be being played in your sports hall. Each flooring type has different qualities that benefit different sports/activities. Some of these qualities are:

  • Friction. A certain friction level must be maintained to ensure the safety of users and smooth gameplay.
  • Rolling load. If you plan on using trolleys and retractable seating, you should consider the floor’s ability to withstand a rolling load.
  • Vertical deformation. The floor’s ability to flex when exposed to a dynamic load is known as vertical deformation. This will affect shock absorption.
  • Shock absorption. To avoid injury, the floor should be able to absorb a percentage of impact energy when landing a jump.
  • Ball bounce. A good ball bounce is required for the efficiency of gameplay. This will also improve ball control.

All of these factors can be measured to ensure they are suitable for your sports hall. Many floors will come with existing measurements of these factors, allowing you to choose correctly. The sports hall systems available at Courtship Flooring are:


We also offer sports hall refurbishment as one of our main services. This service is essential for most universities, schools and leisure centres. Over years of use, sports hall flooring will lose some of its important features, such as friction levels. It’s important to invest in restoration to ensure your flooring meets safety and performance standards. Worried about the cost? This option is cheaper than having an entirely new sports hall floor installed, so it’s more budget-friendly if this is something you need to consider. It’s also a shorter process than re-installation, allowing your sports hall to be back up and running sooner.

The refurbishment process is different depending on the type of floor, but it typically involves stripping the top layers of the floor using professional sanding machinery. This will remove any scratches and imperfections created over time, before applying a new layer of lacquer to increase durability. You’ll then have the opportunity to choose a new set of line markings, professionally measured and installed by our team to meet sporting regulations. 


It’s important to introduce a regular sports hall maintenance program for your floor. Grease and sweat contaminate the floor’s surface with every use, which can damage the protective lacquer and affect the friction levels. This can be potentially dangerous, leading to slips and injuries. 

Regular maintenance should include a regular deep clean with approved cleaning products and equipment. We offer a range of maintenance services to keep your floor looking and performing to the best of its ability. It’s your responsibility as the owner of the sports hall to ensure the safety of all players, otherwise, you could be liable for preventable injuries. Once we’ve completed our professional cleaning regime, you’ll be presented with a certificate of “Safe sports flooring”, proving that your sports hall floor is safe for use. Our maintenance services include: 

  • Repairs
  • Line marking
  • Cleaning
  • Sports lacquer re-coating

If you’re interested in any of our floor installation, refurbishment and maintenance services, feel free to get in touch! Our team is happy to help with any enquiries you may have about your sports hall floor.