Post Refurbishment Maintenance

Our price includes a FREE without obligation post-refurbishment visit 3 – 4 months after completion of our contract. We have found over the years that this is beneficial to the client for a number of reasons, not least of all to check that those responsible for cleaning and day-to-day maintenance are following closely the directives of the manufacturers of the seals.

Regrettably we have found that a substantial proportion of the work we undertake is directly due to poor maintenance which affects not only the cosmetic look of the floor but perhaps more importantly lessens the essential traction levels.

This post-refurbishment service also has the added advantage of checking that the correct cleaning materials are being used to the correct concentration and if necessary we can arrange a FREE demonstration for those responsible for the cleaning regime.

After every contract, as a matter of policy, two laminated copies are supplied of the correct cleaning regime and during the contract those responsible for the ordering of maintenance materials will be contacted and, if necessary, will be supplied with these approved materials.