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Games Lines

We are able to lay any combination of sports lines to the client’s specification using the correct manufacturers approved specialist line paints.

The process of installing games lines varies between contracts depending on various factors. Measuring the numerous courts is by far one of the most challenging aspects due to the specialist skill involved. If the line markings are incorrect, this could affect your venue’s ability to hold events.

Prior to installing the lines, we ask for a preliminary confirmation of the client’s requirements for the various courts and to discuss any updated court regulations set by the governing bodies of sport and Sport England.

The design layout of individual court markings has to be carefully planned out so that they are not too close or run over each other.

Courtship does not subcontract any aspect of our working practices. It is customary to have these lines painted with approved specialist proprietary high traffic line paints. These paints are built to last and typically have a 5-7 year lifespan.

Changes to Court Markings

If you require revised court markings due to changes in regulations, such as basketball, we offer localised sanding to erase the necessary old lines, reapply the new ones and reseal the floor.

If you are having your sports floor completely refurbished, then the team will restore your entire floor with a complete set of new lines.

Bespoke Requests

We are also able to include your sports or club logo on the floor to personalize your court (usually placed in the centre circle). If you have any other specific requests such as line colour or cosmetic requests, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Court Markings

We have listed below the range of sports lines that are available from Courtship Ltd.