New Flooring Installation

Over the years we have developed expertise and a comprehensive understanding of sports floor installations. Our specialist team has knowledge of the materials used and a solid working relationship with the manufacturers. We offer excellent service throughout and a high quality finish every time.

Installing a sports hall floor of any variety is a lengthy process, however, our team of specialist flooring engineers have the experience to guarantee a highly efficient process and quality finish. We create each individual sports hall to the specification of the client and using relevant sports federation regulations. Sports flooring has to meet visual and performance criteria for safety and performance purposes.

In any sports arena, the most important element of the facility is often the floor itself. Flooring often goes without much thought, but not in the sporting world. The size, type of material and acute specification to any sports floor is often overlooked. There is a range of sports flooring options to be considered, choosing one depends entirely on the specific type of sport being played at the facility and the amount of foot traffic it will receive. Sports flooring must be able to manage the strains of many different sports and varying equipment on a regular basis, whilst being an attractive asset to the sporting facility.

From sports halls to dance studios and squash courts, Courtship Flooring undertakes all manner of flooring installations, refurbishment and maintenance of all varieties.

Types of flooring systems available:

Traditional timber installation

This style is the more traditional and widely used type of sports hall flooring. As wood is a living breathing material it will respond to the seasons and can be susceptible to water and damp conditions. Species such as beech, maple and oak are a commonly used for sports flooring as they are hardwoods and have a light finish to them, allowing games line markings to stand out. The main advantage of solid wood flooring is that it can be refurbished once it has been worn. Visit our refurbishment page for more information.

Benefits include its solid tongue and groove structure which means that it is the strongest and most durable of all the options when it comes to wear and tear. A lot of people are deterred by the cost of this flooring system, however, its longevity is its main attribute.

Granwood block

This is a patterned sports flooring system available in a variety of patterns, but most commonly in a basket weave 3 by 3 block style. This system is a composite block and has huge benefits as its combats seasonal timber movement. It also had the same advantages of having a sprung timber floor system and has lower maintenance requirements. It also has the advantage of being fire resistant and is very easy to repair.

Engineered sports system

This floor system is a relatively new approach to sports flooring and is a combination of steam-pressed hardwood on top of the board and a softwood joining system underneath. The timber on top of the board is steam pressed and is often harder and more durable from an impact perspective. Engineered sports flooring have layers of solid wood flooring on top of the boards in your standard species but with ply/birch as a base system. Engineered sports floors are a serious option to consider with timber sports flooring; the product is a cheaper alternative and is often a lot quicker to install. They also do not suffer from the seasonal movement as much as solid wood floors. It is quicker to install and easier to refurbish due to its level finish. This is due to the underlying joining system under the boards creating a perfect joining platform resulting in a flat uniform surface.

Synthetic finish

This is another alternative to timber flooring, that is a popular choice due to its material cost and speed of installation, this also comes in a huge variety of colours and once installed will not be susceptible to changing weather conditions. For example, linoleum and rubber composites; these types of flooring are favoured due to the wide choice of colours and finishes available. The durability of the surface and many of the systems offer great point area elasticity. These systems are very quick to install and easy to maintain.

Each sports floor ranging from timber to rubber must meet load-bearing standards, safe play standards and sports performance guidelines including;

  • Friction of play
  • Point elasticity
  • Bounce rate
  • Area elasticity
  • Level playing surface
  • Mixed elasticity
  • Shock absorbance
  • Combined elasticity

Which system to choose?

The task of a sports floor installation is extensive including; subfloor conditions; carry systems; materials; the physical labour required and the logistics around delivery to properly carry out any sports floor installation. We would always recommend contacting us to discuss the type of sports floor installation that is best suited for the establishment.

Many organisations, including ourselves, uphold the view that sports floors should only be for sports and once installed, they must be maintained accordingly with approved materials.

We would be happy to supply a per square metre price and detailed specification upon request. Our specialist team can also discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the various options currently available in the marketplace in more detail. We install a large variety of different sporting areas such sports hall flooring, gymnasium, dance studios or any other activity area.