PU Floor Coatings

Recent developments within the industry have now enabled us to offer resin pigmented coatings that can transform your tired old floors of almost any material and coat with a colour of your choice at a fraction of the cost of a new installation.

This process not only transforms your tired old floor cosmetically but at the same time will reinstate essential traction levels that may well have lessened over the years. This option has proved popular in a number of commercial areas including schools, offices, sports halls, hotels – in fact, any area where high volumes of foot traffic are present and the surface needs to be maintained to a high standard. Choosing a polyurethane resin coating comes at a fraction of the cost of a new installation and will have your sporting facilities up and running again in no time at all. Contact us for a FREE quotation and we will be able to give you a per square metre costing for this work with detailed specification, timings etc.