Sports Hall Floor Protection, Heavy duty protection for multi-use activity; including functions, examinations, concerts and exhibitions.

Sports Hall Floor Protection. This giant carpet tile is specifically designed for ultimate protection, with a non-slip rubber matting on the base. The top layer is a cushioned shock absorbent surface for ultimate protection. Most facilities use these carpet tiles when exams are on for Sports Hall Floor protection. Designed to be layed across the sports hall before exams and/or events to protect the sports hall flooring form damage and dirt.

The carpet surface is perfect for trapping dirt and grit which is harmful to the surface of any sports floor. This is also ultimate protection against indentation from stiletto heals, chairs, tables and stage equipment.

  • The installation for this tile is very fast due to the lightweight material

  • If tile is stained or damaged, you can replace just one tile

Product Guidelines

  • 2x1m in size

Protect Against

  • Shoes

  • Furniture

  • Dirt

  • Liquid

Colour Options

Anthracite Carpet Tile


Light Grey Carpet Tile

Light Grey

Brown Carpet Tile


Dark Navy Carpet Tile

Dark Navy

Deep Red Carpet Tile

Deep Red

Technical Information

Effex (Deluxe)

£30per tile
  • Homogeneous needle punched textile Surface
  • PLUS (Polyolefine) Backing
  • 100% Polypropylene Fibre
  • Total Weight: 3200 g/m2 + 10%
  • Total Thickness:
  • Loose laid Installation
  • Use Classification (Standard NF EN 1470): Class 32: general traffic / class 23: heavy residential
  • Comfort class: LC2
  • Thermal resistance: 0,011 m2 K/W
  • Electrostatic properties (ISO 6356): E < 2 kV

Concorde (Classic)

£30per tile
  • Feature 1