Sport Vinlyl & Sport Linoleum Flooring Refurbishment

Vinyl and linoleum Sports floors are very similar, all that separates the two is that linoleum is made from organic compounds whereas vinyl is more synthetic. We are advocates of both vinyl sports flooring and linoleum sports flooring as they both have their advantages. Vinyl is still the most affordable system in the marketplace and linoleum is very durable. Both can be Refurbished. As a sports hall flooring company, we are approved contractors of gerfloor & mondo. As they are market leaders in rubber, vinyl and linoleum sports products. We enjoy a strong working relationship with them.

All sports flooring options will wear given time and activity, yet with timber, they can be refurbished and renewed. The Vinyl and linoleum options cannot be sanded, they can, however, be deep cleaned, abraded to remove the dirt and the lacquered to restore the cosmetic finish.

With a vinyl or linoleum sports refurbishment, it’s essential to abrade the Sports Flooring to with special abrasive papers. Such as not to scare the floor but to remove marks and add a key. Once this is done, we can deep clean the Sports flooring and start to apply Sports lacquer to rejuvenate the Sports vinyl or linoleum top surface.