Tennis Court Refurbishment

Our range of services involve maintenance to both indoor and outdoor tennis courts.

  • Court cleaning

  • Moss/fungicidal treatment

  • Court painting in traditional or colour co-ordinated

  • Court repairs

  • Court lining

  • Court resurfacing

  • Court maintenance

  • Court furniture

Maintaining your tennis court regularly reduces safety hazards and improves playing standards.

Tennis courts are prone to moss and algae debris which can make the surface slippery and unsafe for play. This also reduces court traction, especially in damp weather, and could cause players to slip. Thankfully, moss and algae can be easily combatted with our moss and fungicidal treatment, with our Tennis Court cleaning processes ensure your courts will be returned to a high playing standard.

The team can also undertake all manner of surface repairs to tennis courts, such as repairing cracks and holes to ensure the court is safe for play.

Finally, we can undertake cosmetic touch-ups to the court surface such as court line painting, cleaning services and replacement of court furniture.

A well-maintained tennis court will last a much longer before painting or resurfacing is required. Whether you are looking for one-off treatment or a full deep clean of a neglected tennis court, our specialist team are here to help.

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