Raynes park was a fantastic sports hall refurbishment project located just outside of Wimbledon. The floor was a mind-blowing 1500sqm of junckers beech sports flooring. As you can imagine, sports hall refurbishment is a slightly larger task than restoring a clients front room. Can you imagine one man arriving on site with one sanding machine! The client would have definitely worried about the completion date. We usually travel to London for commercial jobs, however, usually, the projects are not on this scale!

For this contract, we had four men working solidly for just over two weeks! There were three sports halls in total that needed to be sanded down and covered in a coat of sports lacquer primer. Using this particular primer on sports flooring projects is essential. The special masking tape we use to install our games lines will only stick to this primer and the paint adheres much more effectively. This also helps the curing process for the finished flooring as the paint has to adhere to a less dense surface.

Now comes the tricky part – the maths!

In order to do mask the lines perfectly, you have to have a good comprehension of maths! The combination of dimensions on games lines, (especially on this scale) can be a brain fuzz when everything has to be correct right down to the mm on a 600 square meter floor! It is also tricky when there are so many different lines to complete. This floor, in particular, had quite a few games lines, including basketball, netball, and badminton. After the lines have been painted and have had the chance to dry, the floor is then covered in a gloss lacquer to give it that lovely shine and makes the flooring look as good as new!


Fun fact;

We racked up 30,000 steps each every day of this contract!