Courtship Limited is a highly specialised company working within the public and private sectors of education dealing specifically with refurbishment of all forms of activity hall flooring within the school, college or university building.

All sporting facilities must attain to a standard of safe flooring set by health and safety directives. This is especially important due to the regular sporting syllabus implemented at schools, colleges and universities. The need for the sports flooring areas in these schools to be of an impeccable standard is essential. As a sports flooring company, we offer full installation, refurbishment and maintenance programs to ensure the sports flooring areas are constantly maintained to a high standard.

The areas that we work on in schools and universities are sports halls, gymnasiums, assembly halls, dining rooms, classrooms, corridors, theatres and stage areas. If you have any other sporting areas that need installation, refurbishment or maintenance then please call us to discuss with one of our specialist team members


Sports Hall flooring Maintenance

Schools and universities have an average high number of students, which vastly increases foot traffic and will inevitably wear away even the most durable of sports lacquers. It is integral to have a regular cleaning program in place for all your sports facilities to prolong the life of your floor.

Part of our service in this area also includes a full appraisal of all floor surfaces and a full report given as to whether they conform with current health and safety directives for flooring in public areas (Health & Safety Executive Directive BS 7044, BS EN 14904 and European Din EN 51130).


Protection for your Sports Flooring

Being an institute of education, multi-activity will play a factor in how the sports flooring in your establishment is maintained. Not only does the area of sports flooring need to meet standards for sports but being often the largest venue available in schools and universities and has to endure exam periods, assemblies, ceremonies and social events.

If your sports hall is used for non-sporting activities, you should consider sports flooring protection to help maintain your flooring and avoid damage.

We offer giant protective carpet tiles in a variety of colours to turn your sports hall into a luxury multi-purpose venue. Charged per square meter.

If you require this option, please email us directly at [email protected]


Custom Games Lines for Small Spaces

Often in primary schools small or custom court markings may be required to meet the needs of younger children. Please see our Games lines page for more information.

Some of our more recent University clients include:

Aberystwyth University, Aston University, Cardiff University, Exeter University, Oxford University, Bournemouth University, Royal Holloway University of London, Swansea University, University of South Wales