Tennis court maintenance is important, no matter what type of flooring you have. But what are the different types of tennis court flooring and how can they be maintained and refurbished? Keep reading to find out!

What Synthetic Sports Flooring is available?

Area elastic floors have many benefits, including decreased player fatigue and the reduction of sport-related injuries. These synthetic floors are extremely durable and compatible with underfloor heating. Area elastic floors are multi-use, stable, and provide uniform performance across sporting activities. Of course, all of our installation systems comply with Sport England requirements. What installation options are available?


Linotop flooring is just 21mm thick, leading the way in multi-functional sports flooring. With fast installation, this is your solution for fast refurbishment, replacement, or new builds. It is finished with Sport Linoleum and requires a smooth, level subfloor.

System K

This system produces a synthetic surface using layers of different materials. An engineered joint sits on the subfloor, followed by silver birch plywood, and is topped with an elastic layer of Sport Linoleum. Again, you need a level subfloor for this system. The system height can be 26mm or 36mm.

Premier Plus

The Premier Plus system is designed to support fold-out/telescopic seating. It can withstand a greater rolling load than the previous two systems, often used at the 2012 Olympics. With an overall height of 38mm, this system can be finished with Sport Linoleum or Sport Rubber. It also requires a level subfloor. 

System K-T

This is similar to System K, however, the flooring is finished with engineered timber boards and a hardwood top layer rather than Sport Linoleum. This hardwood layer could be Beech, Oak or Maple with a factory finish. Again, a smooth, level subfloor is needed. The system height will be 40mm.

4Sport Xcel SBS

Do you have an uneven subfloor? This system utilises beam construction, meaning it can be installed on uneven subfloors. This avoids the cost of screeding on floors that require levelling. As well as accommodating uneven floors, this system is also compatible with underfloor heating and insulation. It can be finished with either Sport Linoleum or Sport Rubber, depending on your personal preference. The minimum build height is 70mm, but this can be raised to account for your underfloor systems. 

4Sport Premier SBT

A similar system to the above, but with an engineered timber board finish. Want a specific style of wood? You can choose between Beech, Oak or Maple options available, making this system fairly customisable. Again, this system accommodates underfloor systems and uneven subfloors, levelling the floor to any depth. The minimum height for this build is 69mm.  

What is tennis court maintenance?

Tennis court maintenance is vital to the safety and lifespan of your floor. It is a good idea to have a regular maintenance system in place for your sports hall floor. Consistent use, grease, sweat and grit will negatively impact your floor’s surface. This is why it’s important to regularly clean the surface of your floor with high-quality cleaning products. Not only can a damaged floor be costly, but it can also be dangerous. When the friction level of your sports floor is lowered, it can lead to slipping and potential injuries. But why does that matter? You are responsible for maintaining the safety of your tennis court, so it’s key to stay on top of maintenance.

Our sports hall maintenance services include:

  • Flooring Repairs
  • Sports Hall Line Marking
  • Indoor Gym and Sports Court Cleaning
  • Sports Lacquer Recoating Arena Flooring

How can a tennis court be refurbished?

Tennis courts come in a range of materials, but every surface is susceptible to wear and tear with constant use. Our expert team can help you repair and refurbish your tennis court. This will keep it looking professional and performing safely. Our tennis court maintenance services include:

  • Court cleaning
  • Moss treatment
  • Court painting
  • Court repairs
  • Court lining
  • Court resurfacing
  • Court furniture replacement

Need help? We have repair and maintenance packages available to keep your tennis court at its best for longer. Particularly with outdoor courts, the build-up of algae and moss can cause a court to become slippery and difficult to play on. We can help to combat this with our moss and fungicidal treatment. As well as this, we can fill in any cracks or holes that might appear on your tennis court. Carrying out these small maintenance tasks might seem tedious, but it can stop cracks from becoming bigger and help you to avoid higher maintenance costs in the long run. 

Choose Courtship Flooring

Looking for tennis court maintenance and refurbishment services? You should choose Courtship Flooring. We have been an established, family-run sports hall flooring company for over 30 years, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We specialise in the installation and maintenance of sports hall flooring. 

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