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Sports hall floor maintanence 

Sports hall Floor maintenance, Once A sports floor, has been installed or refurbished, It is incredibly important and strongly suggested to have a Sports Hall Floor maintenance program regularly introduced as greases and sweat contaminates on the surface of the lacquer will sit and reduce the traction and protection the lacquer offers you sports flooring. On a sports Floor where activity is taking place every day on a sporting level, it’s a matter of safety that the Sports Hall Floor maintenance is properly carried out.

Sports Hall Floor maintenance on The venue flooring should include a deep clean on a regular basis using approved cleaning materials and machinery. If it is not done, over time contaminants will compromise the traction levels of your sports floor resulting in possible injuries. We offer a variety of services to keep your flooring at a safe playing level. As a  sporting faculty it is your responsibility to prove your sports floors are safe should any members of the public slip and become injured.

Once our cleaning regime has been completed we will present you with a certificate of “safe sports flooring”

Sports hall floor Maintenance includes



all our systems and top surfaces are very durable but repairs are sometimes happen. As long as we have the material sourced before, we can repair most top surface sports halls. Sprung and point elastic. Timber repairs are to be expected over time on timber top. with synthetic we can repair welds and dents.



Using powerful degreasers and traction cleaners we can help keep your floor safe and a regular maintenance will keep the longevity of the sports hall floor. Regular cleaning is essential for keeping traction levels as should be on the floor. 

line marking

Line marking is an art in of its self, but after many years of play and activity its natural for line markings to have become worn. We can re line existing lines to freshen up the courts. And/or add extra lines. we can also refresh logos, this will;


Re coating in sports lacquer

Along with cleaning and re lining your sports hall floor, you can have a coat of sports lacquer applied. This will greatly increase traction And protection to the floor. we would recommend a coating every 18 months with average sports hall usage. Our sports coats come in gloss or matt sheen.

Our Core Services

Sports Hall Flooring services

Sports hall flooring is a specialised service, Whether your Sports Hall needs a new sprung floor, refurbishment of an older existing floor and/or maintenance to keep it looking fresh and traction levels safe then we are your company. We offer full package in house. From initial contact to arranging a visit & preparing a quote specific to you and your Sport Hall Floors needs.    


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