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Vinyl Sports Flooring

High-Quality Vinyl Sports Hall Installations

PU, lino and vinyl sports flooring offers an easy to maintain option that is very durable and long lasting. With many styles and designs to choose from these options are ideal for a variety of sports floors. These options are popular for tennis, table tennis, volleyball, and other indoor games and courts.

As well as full installations of all flooring options, we can also restore and recoat your current floor, giving it a brand new look. PU or epoxy resin coatings are ideal over existing Granwood floors, giving them a completely new look.

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Applying Lines After The Modified Epoxy Coating

Advantages of Vinyl Sports Floors

This is a great green option that is budget friendly. With a cork base, it can be easily renewed and replaced. Although lino doesn’t offer the classic look of a wooden floor and there are not as many design finishes as vinyl, it is still a fantastic options suitable for a variety of sports activities.

Some benefits to consider with a lino sports flooring installation:

PU Sports Flooring

Popular for leisure centres, schools, colleges and gyms.

Polyurethane (PU) is a floor coating that can be applied to existing Granwood floors to give them a brand new look and feel. As well as this, we can install rubber-based options, giving additional height to your sports floor.

PU is great for lower budgets and existing floors that have seen better days. These coatings can not only transform your old floor, but also reinstate traction levels that may have lessened over years of usage.

Lino Installation Finished

Modified PU Coating

This is a perfect entry-level option perfectly suited to Granwood floors. Filling and repairs will be made to the original floor before the coating is added. You can choose any colour combination which two coats will be added. You can then choose your line markings and also incorporate a logo design of your choice.

Rubber Based PU Coating

This option is also ideal for lower budgets. It can increase the height of the sports floor by adding a rubber base before incorporating the PU coating over the top. This adds a level finish and choice of colours, line markings and logo design can then be added.

Logo Installations

With most of our installations, a logo can be incorporated into the design. This is particularly popular for schools and leisure centres which wish to use their branding on to their sports flooring. This can add a unique and stunning finish to any sports floor installation.

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