Courtship Limited is a highly specialised company with over 30 years experience of working within the leisure industry; dealing Courtship Quality Assuredspecifically with the maintenance and refurbishment for all sports hall and activity flooring as well as every aspect of squash court maintenance.

We have also over the years developed expertise in laying new floor systems in various materials including traditional timber, composite Granwood block, the engineered board systems and the newer synthetic finishes and we would be happy to supply a per square metre price and detailed specification upon request and talk over the pros and cons of the various options currently available in the market place, whether it be for a new sports hall floor, gymnasium or any other activity area.

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Courtship Flooring has been firmly established within the specialist flooring area of the leisure industry for over 30 years. During this time the company has built up a nationwide client register and a first class reputation within the industry. There is no element of the business practice that is reliant on any form of sub-contraction as all aspects are carried out by Courtship Flooring specialist teams.


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  • How to Maintain Your Sports Flooring

How to Maintain your Sports Flooring

Over 90% of providers do not know to clean sports flooring properly. Sports flooring must be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain the functionality of the flooring.

Sports Coating System Alternative

When your Granwood sports hall flooring has its day, there are three options to get your sports hall back into a new condition.

  • Granwood Flooring Refurbishment at Exeter School

Granwood Refurbishment at Exeter School

This time we were working at Exeter school which had an old ill-maintained Granwood sports floor. Our specification for the contract was to abrade, deep clean, fill in any cracks and apply an epoxy system.

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