Leisure Centre Sports Hall Floor Installation

Leisure Centre Sports Hall Floor Installation

Incorporate your branding into your leisure centre flooring

Leisure centre sports hall floor installation requires careful consideration of a variety of factors to ensure the most appropriate materials are selected based on its dimensions and use. Our team of contractors can provide expert guidance as to the right flooring for your space and professionally fit it to industry standards. We also offer line markings on all our installations, and can even incorporate your logo or brand colours for you. Please get in touch today to discuss your new leisure centre sports hall floor.

St Georges Ascot Sports Hall (full Process)

Prompt & Professional Sports Flooring Fitters

With over three decades of experience fitting sports floors, we’re well adept to provide a quick and high-quality installation on all projects we undertake. What’s more, to avoid any unnecessary disruption to your operations, we can undertake these works during your down-time, including weekend and overnight work. Plus, we include safety checks on all our floors as standard, so you know your new floor meets all health and safety guidelines and regulations.

Low-Maintenance, Durable Flooring

Leisure centre sports flooring should always be long-lasting and easy to maintain. We offer a range of options to best suit your needs. Both our modified and rubber based PU coatings can be laid on existing floors to provide budget-friendly and durable solutions. Our wood floors offer different benefits based on your set-up and provide a classic look to any sports hall. We also offer lino and vinyl options, which are easy to clean and have great longevity. Whatever your requirements, we can perfectly tailor each floor to provide the best possible installation. Just get in touch today to talk to one of our contractors about your new sports floor.

Aston Uni Sports Hall (before)


Yes, we include precise line markings on all of our sports floor installations and refurbishments.

Depending on your space, the best materials to use can vary. We offer hardwood, vinyl, lino, and PU flooring as well as epoxy coverings for existing floorings. So please get in touch to discuss the most practical solution for your floor.

Absolutely, we offer routine maintenance for new and existing floors as well as comprehensive inspections and slip resistance testing.

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