Dance Studio Floor Maintenance & Installation

Dance Studio Floor Maintenance & Installation

We offer a variety of sprung flooring to suit your specific needs

Dance studio floor maintenance and installation requires expert attention to detail, ensuring dancers are safe at all times. Routine inspection and aftercare keeps your dance floors safe. Over time, grease and other particulates can build up, affecting the slip resistance of your flooring. That’s why we offer pendulum slip testing in all of our operations, so we can keep your students safe. Plus, if you need your dance floor refurbished or completely replaced, we also have a range of flooring solutions to suit your needs. Get in touch today to organise our upkeep or installation services.

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Sand, Seal, & Lacquering Services Available

Re-lacquering your studio floors is recommended every 18 months, to avoid losing traction ability and to maintain a fresh finish. We also offer sanding, sealing and lacquering services combined to improve the lifespan of your dance floor, allowing you to avoid costly repairs or replacements down the line. Depending on the type of flooring you have, this is usually recommended every 7–12 years. Our expert contractors are also available to provide routine inspections, identifying and rectifying problems before they occur.

Synthetic & Wood Flooring Options

Choosing the right floor is crucial to optimising your dance studio. Synthetic flooring is more durable than wooden floors and is lower maintenance. However, traditional wooden floors will often have greater sprung system capabilities and provide a classic aesthetic appeal. Also, with the proper installation and care, they will last several years, providing enhanced performance for your dancers.

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In terms of performance, both options are perfectly suited. As long as there is a sprung subsystem, they will provide excellent dance spaces. Ultimately, the choice you make comes down to the space itself, and your preference.

Depending on the size of the space and the materials you have chosen, the time it takes to install your new floor will vary. Please get in touch for a more detailed breakdown of how long these aspects may take.

Of course, we offer comprehensive inspection and maintenance services for all floors. We will methodically check your floor for any faults and rectifying them as they appear, improving your floor’s lifespan.

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