Sports Hall Inspection

Sports Hall Inspection

Improve your floor’s longevity with regular sports hall flooring inspections

A sports hall inspection is the only way to ensure your flooring is safe to play on. Sports flooring endures heavy wear and must provide great stability, shock absorption, and traction to enhance athletes and players performances. Therefore, it is highly important to keep up routine testing and inspections. Depending on the type of flooring installed in your sports hall, the frequency of these inspections can vary. Our team of flooring specialists provide in-depth, methodical inspections to keep your floors in exceptional condition. Contact us today to organise your inspection today.

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Correct Any Faults Before They Develop

Damages rarely occur in well installed and properly maintained floors. However, when they do, we provide expert solutions to return your sports flooring to proper working order. With regular inspections, damages are rectified before they develop, thus furthering the lifespan of your flooring. Our specialist team is adept at fixing any issues that appear for wood, vinyl, PU, and lino floors. Whether you require routine cleaning or believe a fault has appeared, our in-depth inspections allow us to identify the issues early, and keep your floors in excellent condition.

Maintain Excellent Health & Safety Flooring Standards

Health and safety regulations are constantly evolving, so we offer maintenance services that not only improve the aesthetic of your sports hall, but also keep in line with all new directives and legislations. Per recent legislation, slip resistance testing is now required by law. We provide comprehensive pendulum slip resistance tests, the only HSE recognised proof of traction. This means that both players are less likely to experience injury, and, if one does occur, you are legally protected. Our team will also provide in depth risk assessments for your floor on request.

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Sports flooring requires light cleaning, such as sweeping and mopping, at least weekly to avoid dust and sweat build up damaging its seal and finish. Depending on the material it’s made from, though, more intensive cleaning varies. Contact us today for guidance on the proper maintenance of your sports flooring.

It’s recommended that your sports floors are inspected every 12–18 months. It is also a legal requirement for public sports facilities to have their floors slip tested annually.

Of course, we offer comprehensive refurbishments for a range of courts and sports flooring, with a selection of materials to choose from.

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