School Sports Hall Floor Installation

School Sports Hall Floor Installation

Keep students safe with our school sports hall floor slip resistance testing

As industry leading contractors, we can provide school sports hall floor installation with a variety of low-maintenance, durable materials to choose from. As well as this, we offer line marking as standard on all of our installation and refurbishment projects. With this service, we provide exact markings for a selection of sports courts to suit your needs. We can also incorporate school emblems into your new flooring, allowing for a professional and polished finish. So please get in touch to discuss the replacement or refurbishment of your school sports hall floor today.

Wooden Floor Volleyball

Epoxy Covering For Existing School Hall Flooring

A large portion of all sports hall floors are made up of Granwood blocks, a popular and durable flooring solution, first introduced in the 1900s. While long-lasting, they can degrade over time, and replacing them can be quite expensive. With our epoxy resin covering, we can improve the longevity of your Granwood floor, giving it years of additional use. Plus, our epoxy surfacing can also be poured in a variety of colours, giving your school sports hall a refreshed and sophisticated look.

Durable & Long-Lasting Flooring Solutions

We also provide PU, vinyl, hardwood, and lino flooring to suit your school’s specific needs and requirements. These options are each desirable for their suitability for a variety of different sports. PU flooring is a budget-friendly option, that can give additional height to your existing sports floor and restore traction that may have previously been lost. Vinyl is an environmentally-friendly choice that is extremely long-lasting and easy to clean. Feel free to get in touch to talk to one of our expert contractors about the best type of flooring to suit your school’s sports hall.

Medina Leisure Centre Sports Hall (after)


Yes, we can fit your new flooring on the weekends, or overnight to avoid any disruptions.

Absolutely, we understand that school halls often have a variety of uses, so we offer advice and guidance on how to best cater for all of these practicalities.

Depending on the size of your space and the materials and finish you choose, prices can vary. Please contact us today for a more comprehensive run down of different price points.

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