Indoor Inspections & Maintenance

Indoor Inspections & Maintenance

Keep your players safe with regular inspections and maintenance services

Routine indoor inspections and maintenance is crucial to the longevity of any sports floor. By consistently providing proper care to your flooring, you protect both the floor itself, and the people using it. We offer comprehensive examinations, tests, cleaning, and maintenance services to ensure your floor is in perfect working order. Our specialists will check the shock absorption and sprung systems that protect athletes joints on impact. Plus, they’ll also carry out slip resistance testing to protect you from any liability should an injury occur. Just contact us today so you can learn more about our extensive services.

Nestle Main Entrace (during# And After)

Maintain Your Indoor Sports Flooring

The key to getting the most out of any indoor sports floor is proper installation and maintenance. With over three decades dedicated to fitting and servicing the finest sports floors in the industry, our team is well adept at both. We provide routine cleaning, including scrub/sand and reseals for wood flooring systems. Our team can also provide re-lacquering to maintain slip resistance and will happily reapply any line markings during this process to ensure they remain clear and accurate.

Improve The Lifespan Of Your Indoor Sports Flooring

It seems simple that if something is well cared for, it will last longer. But, this is precisely the case when it comes to your indoor sports floors. Working with industry leading manufacturers, we use only the highest quality varnishes, seals and resins to protect your floors from damage, potentially providing years of extra use to them.

The Bradfield Club Gymnasium (before & After)


If a flaw is found throughout examination, our team will raise the issue with you and explain best options. Depending on the type of issue, it can either be fixed at the same time, or we will arrange to return to mend it at a time that suits you.

Regular inspections improve the lifespan of a sports floor. Early identification of faults stops them from developing, allowing your flooring to maintain optimal performance for longer.

Absolutely. Give us a call today and one of our specialists will offer the most practical solutions for your indoor space and sub-flooring system.

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