Badminton Court Floor Installation

Badminton Court Floor Installation

We install durable, low-maintenance badminton court floors

Badminton is the fastest paced racquet sport there is, so the players need a lot from their flooring. Shock absorption is essential, to protect players joints, slip resistance is crucial to prevent falls, and it must be a block colour, so the shuttlecock is clearly visible. All of these elements combined highlight how crucial the proper installation and maintenance of badminton court floors is. Our expert contractors have over three decades of experience specialising in just this, so please, if you’re looking to refurbish or replace a court floor, call or email us today.

Badminton Courts With Shuttlecocks In The Foreground

Synthetic & Hardwood Badminton Courts

Depending on the sub-flooring system you have, synthetic and hardwood installation come with their own benefits and drawbacks. Hardwood offers a traditional aesthetic and unbeatable shock absorption, however it also requires more frequent maintenance and is often more costly. Alternatively, synthetic options such as PU, vinyl or lino can provide greater durability and are very low-maintenance. However, over time they can lose their sprung capacity and need re-covering. Talk to our team about the best option for your court today.

Routine Court Maintenance Services

Maintaining proper upkeep of your badminton flooring is essential to the safety of your players, as well as the longevity of the floor itself. Light routine cleaning should be carried out weekly as a minimum. However, it is important to establish regular inspections and deep cleans as well. We offer comprehensive inspection and maintenance services, identifying any flaws that may be emerging, and taking preventative measures so they cannot develop. We can also re-mark court lines to provide a new look to the floor.

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Absolutely. We provide high-quality, precise line markings for a variety of sports and will carefully draw yours on. We can also repaint any lines after a reseal or re-lacquer service, enhancing the court’s look.

You should sweep and clean your court at least weekly, helping to target any particulates or elements that could tarnish the floor, and its seal. We also offer routine deeper cleans, which, depending on the clean, are recommended from every six months, to every decade.

Yes, you should have your floors slip tested annually as a legal responsibility. As well as this, routine inspections should be carried out to identify any faults. We can offer both of these services, in-keeping with HSE and legal requirements.

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