Fitness Suite Flooring

Fitness Suite Flooring

We offer a range of hard-wearing fitness suite flooring to suit your budget.

Our skilled and experienced contractors have over 30 years of experience installing and maintaining high-quality fitness suite flooring. We offer the very finest when it comes to fitting your new floor, working with industry leading suppliers to source the best materials for your specific requirements. If you are looking to install a new floor in your gym, or simply want to refurbish your existing flooring, get in touch and we can provide a free quote.


Wooden & Rubber Floors For Your Fitness Suite

Depending on the intended use of your new fitness suite, different flooring may be better suited to your needs. Most commercial and private gyms prefer rubber flooring for their durability and ease to clean. Rubber floors are also quicker to install, requiring less down-time for your business. However, there are many advantages to wooden flooring too. Not only is wood more environmentally friendly, but it can also enhance the aesthetics of your room. As well as this, it can provide greater shock absorption with its sprung system features.

Update Your Gym Flooring

Over time, a studio floor can look worn and tired. We offer comprehensive maintenance services, so you can get it looking as good as new. As well as this, our expert team can provide both refurbishment and replacement operations to suit your requirements. If your floor has lost its bounce, or scuffs and scratches have started to appear, then we can perform repairs to further its lifespan. Alternatively, if it’s in need of complete replacement, we can provide prompt solutions to fit your new flooring quickly and accurately.

Dumbbells In The Gym On The Floor


Yes, we carefully test every floor we install to ensure it will withstand suitable static and rolling weights.

You should clean your floor weekly to improve its lifespan. However, you should arrange for it to be scrubbed and resealed every 2–3 years, and sanded and resealed every 7–12 years.

Depending on the size of your gym and the type of flooring you desire, the length of time it takes to install a new floor can vary. Please get in touch with a member of the team for further guidance.

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