Basketball Court Floor Installation

Basketball Court Floor Installation

We perform safety-assurance slip tests on all installations

We provide basketball court floor installation services carried out to industry standards and regulations. With thorough inspections of every element, we make certain that your court is of impeccable quality. Pendulum slip resistance tests are included in all of our installations. As well as this, we also include precise line markings, creating a professional and sophisticated finish. Please contact us now to organise the installation of your new basketball court flooring.

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Solid & Engineered Wood Court Options

We offer both solid and engineered wood basketball courts in beech, oak, maple and ash, depending on your desire for finish and tone. We also have a range of varnishes including gloss, matt, and silk for your complete convenience. All of our suppliers are industry leading sports flooring manufacturers, so we can guarantee a quality product. Our contractors also provide in-depth floor inspections to make sure every floor maintains optimal performance and safety conditions.

Prevent Injury With Our Sprung, Shock Absorption Flooring

Player safety is paramount in every basketball game, that’s why our floors are all made with that goal in mind. Shock absorption causes direct impact to spread across the surface, preventing damages occurring. Sophisticated sprung systems protect players from injury, softening landings when falls happen. Combining these elements with slip resistance testing means that each person on the court is therefore safer, allowing for the game to play on.

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Over time, sports flooring can wear, losing its durability, so annual inspections are encouraged to ensure high standards are maintained. This also allows for any signs of damage to be addressed and rectified before major problems occur. Thus, increasing your court’s lifespan.

You should sweep and mop your floor at least weekly as standard, but deeper cleans such as scrub and reseal and sand and reseal services should also be carried out every few years. We are happy to perform these routine maintenance tasks for you, so just call us today to learn more.

Yes, if you already have a court floor, our team can provide a thorough examination of it and either repair or refurbish it based on our findings, improving its longevity.

Get In Touch For A Basketball Court Flooring Installation

Please call or email us to organise your basketball court floor installation or refurbishment.
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