Squash Court Floor Installation & Restoration

Squash Court Floor Installation & Restoration

We provide slip resistance testing for your peace of mind

In fast-paced racquet ball games, quality flooring is essential. We provide squash court floor installation, which is carried out by specialist teams to ensure a long-lasting and durable court. As well as this, we also perform restorations which involves sanding the floor, painting the walls and lining the court for a refreshed appearance, allowing for optimal performance throughout every game. Within these installation and maintenance services, the quality of the shock-absorbing sprung system is thoroughly assessed, so we can ensure each court is fitted to be safe and long-lasting. Call us today to book our squash court services.


Floor Installations, Restorations & Replacements

Sprung timber systems are the best option when planning a new squash court. These floors provide incredible slip resistance for players to move nimbly, and excellent shock absorption to protect their joints upon impact. With over 35 years specialising in squash court refurbishment and installation, we are acutely aware of these factors. Therefore, we can provide practical solutions to restore them should they start to deteriorate. Refurbishing an existing squash court floor takes great attention to detail, our trusted contractors guarantee this level of care, so your flooring can last for years to come.

Regular Maintenance Available

Squash courts must undergo routine cleaning and inspections to ensure their safety and optimal performance. You should perform light cleaning weekly at a minimum, and should organise examinations annually. Our contractors specialise in treating and maintaining all aspects of a squash court, including walls and ceilings. To keep your play at its best, we can provide regularly scheduled cleaning services, as well as deeper cleans and evaluations on a one-off basis.



Depending on the materials selected and the space it is being fitted to, the price of installation can vary. Please get in touch with our team today to talk through which options suit your budget best.

We work closely with industry-leading brands to source the materials that we install as your floors. Our suppliers include brands such as Junckers, Havwood, Granwood, and Boen.

Yes, we offer precise and accurate line markings as part of the installation for a number of sports courts, including squash.

Get In Touch To Plan Your New Squash Court Floor

We offer specialised squash court maintenance as well as expert squash floor installations, so give us a call today to book our services.
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