Wooden Sports Flooring

Engineered & Solid Wooden Sports Flooring

Wooden sports flooring is a classic option for indoor sports halls and courts. Usually they are the preferred floors for netball and basketball courts, but can be used for a wide variety of sports. They offer a stunning finish and premium quality, making them extremely popular amongst many sporting enthusiasts.

We can offer you both solid wood flooring and engineered wood options, depending on your desired look and also to adhere to your budget. We offer full installations including all sealing, line markings and more. As well as this, if you already have a wood floor and would like it to be restored to new, this is also something that we offer.

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All of our systems and installations meet Sport England requirements and exceed BSEN14904 and German DIN 18032 for Sport Surfaces.

Finsihed Timber Sanding, Sealing And Relined

Solid/Engineered Wooden Sports Floors

With 30+ years of experience and a broad range of flooring options available we can cater for a huge range of sports related wooden floors.

Our wooden floors are perfect for:

We install both solid wood and engineered wood options to suit your needs. Choose from:

We offer 4 different grades and can include sports lacquer in gloss, matt, and silk.

Wooden Sports Flooring Options

Cradle System

Standard Sports Batten

Pad & Board

Duo Batten System

Sport Performance


Yes we do. It is important that wooden sport floors are regularly maintained to uphold their performance and stunning appearance. We offer maintenance and aftercare for all of our sports floors, giving you complete peace of mind.

Ensuring that your floor is regularly cleaned with products designed for wooden sports floors and regular treatments can be a great way to maintain your wooden floor. However, if you would like the regular maintenance carried out by experts, give us a call. We can also offer you a refurbishment of your current floor to bring it back to its former glory.

Wooden sports floors are the traditional and classic option for a range of sports. They also offer a stunning finish over other alternatives. However, synthetic flooring options are easier to maintain and typically last longer. With that being said, a synthetic floor will never have the aesthetic appeal of a wooden option and with a professional installation, proper care and regular maintenance, your wooden floor will last for several years.

Wooden Sports Flooring Installations You Can Trust

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