Line Markings

Sports Hall Markings

Line Markings For Your Indoor Sports Hall

As part of your refurbishment or installation with us, we will incorporate your chosen sports hall markings depending on the sports events you wish to hold. With specialist proprietary line paints that are manufacturer approved, our team will add these in any formation you wish to have. We will plan this with you carefully to ensure the correct court option is chosen for your needs. This will also include any updates to sport regulations set out by Sport England.

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Finsihed Timber Sanding, Sealing And Relined

Updated Sports Hall Line Markings

Whether this is part of your new installation or refurbishment with us, or you simply wish to restore/replace your current line markings with a new court – we can help.

No matter the court you require, we will have a solution for you. Choose from:

Planning Your Sports Hall Markings

We will carefully plan your court design to make sure that the court fits the sports hall correctly with no overlining issues. We will also make sure that we have incorporated any bespoke designs including your logo (if requested).

To maximise your floor’s performance, we follow updated guidelines from Sport England, making sure your new lines are executed with precision and accuracy. Our experienced team can add line markings to a variety of sports floors and so you can rest assured that your floor will be fit for purpose, visibly clear and aesthetically pleasing.

Modified Epoxy Coating
Prep For Modified Epoxy Coating

Long-lasting, High-Quality Paints

Our paints are specialist proprietary high-traffic line paints that come in a range of colours to suit all sports courts. These paints are specifically designed for floor use, they’re high-quality and durable, lasting between 5 and 7 years.

Each colour has been specifically created to distinguish between sports. The colours are usually:

Bespoke Designs

If you own a school or sports club and would like to incorporate your logo or emblem into your court marking design, this is something that we can offer you. Add that finishing touch to your indoor sports floor with your own logo or bespoke design in your chosen colours.


Yes! We can sand down your current lines and repaint over the old ones or even create a brand new court. We will then re-seal your entire floor, protecting your lines and the floor itself.

Yes we can. Whether it is your company logo, sports emblem or even school logo, we can create a design that incorporates this. Usually, we will add this to the centre of your court.

Yes we do. If this is something that you require us to carry-out on an existing floor, we can do this. If you have an installation with us or a refurbishment, we will offer this as standard practice. Slip resistance testing is something that is incredibly important for both the performance of a sports floor and also for health and safety reasons.

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For sports hall markings on an existing or as part of a new installation or refurbishment with us, get in touch.

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