Sports Flooring Contractors

Sports Flooring Contractors

We work with trusted suppliers to provide quality sports floors

Our sports flooring contractors have over 35 years of experience installing and maintaining floors to the highest standards. We offer installations of a vast range of materials for all sorts of sporting activities. What’s more, our team can also incorporate your branding into your new floor. So whether you want your gym colours represented or your school emblem displayed prominently, we will carefully and precisely replicate your vision. Please contact us today for further details.

Interior Gymnasium For School Sports

Wood, Vinyl, PU, & Lino Flooring Options Available

Every floor we install is sourced from industry leading manufacturers and then expertly laid by our sports flooring specialists. We use only the highest quality timber structures for wooden, sprung options and work with quality vinyl and lino to create a flawless finish. Our contractors our also experts at the refurbishment of Granwood flooring, providing potentially decades of new life with our modified and rubber PU coatings as well as our epoxy resin covers.

Some of the floors we can provide you with include:

Sports Floor Refurbishment

Over time, sports floors will degrade and require more than simple maintenance. We offer cost-effective solutions to refurbish existing floors wherever possible. Instead of replacing your entire flooring system, we can advise on how to get the most from what is already there, refreshing and restoring the space in far less time than a replacement would take.

The Bradfield Club Gymnasium (before & After 2)


The most effective material can vary depending on the space and your use of it. Please get in touch for further details so we can advise you based on your floor height, sub-flooring, proposed use and any other environmental factors.

Yes, we can inspect and maintain both our own installations and pre-existing sports flooring, as well as providing repairs and refurbishments for both too.

Of course, we include line markings in our installations for a number of sports. So whether yours is a multipurpose floor or a specific court, we provide high-quality, precise lines.

Though based in Somerset, we offer our installation services throughout the UK and internationally.

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