Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment

Refurbishments Of Your Indoor Sports Floor

Sports hall floor refurbishments or gym flooring and indoor sports court refurbs are quite often the best and most economical way of restoring your sports floor. Our refurbishments can take an old and worn out sports area and make it look and function like new. With a huge range of options to choose from, such as vinylwood, PU, and lino, we will be able to install a flooring option that meets your needs and budget.

If you would prefer a brand new floor, we can also offer you a full installation of various flooring types.

Give our team a call to discuss your current floor and arrange a refurbishment with us.

Deep Clean And Reseal

Why Do I Need A Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment?

After many uses and a long period of time, your sports floor can become worn and damaged. This can cause:

Sports Hall Full Refurbishment From Start To Finish

Refurbishing your existing sports floor can be a cost-effective alternative to a full installation. Sometimes budgets will not allow for a full installation, so working with what you already have can be the only way forward.

We specialise in a variety of flooring options to meet all specification and budgets. If you are looking to renew a wooden sports hall, or you would like an easier to maintain alternative floor surface, we will have a solution for you.

We will restore your entire floor, reinstating the lines, sporting lacquers and more. If you would like to incorporate a logo, we can add this for you as part of your refurbishment. We will make your floors look like new, maximising their longevity and overall value.

Sanding Timber Floor
Sanding Timber Floor

Our Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment Process

The full sanding, sealing and relining process for an average gymnasium floor of approximately 240 square metres in any of the traditional surfaces is approximately 5 – 6 working days.

The full sanding, sealing and relining of an average size sports hall floor of 4 badminton courts or approximately 550 square metres, again in any traditional surface, i.e. timber, Granwood composite tile, engineered board etc. would be 9 – 10 working days.

The deep clean, abrading and resealing process for sports hall or gymnasium flooring is a two-day process and can be arranged over a weekend at no extra cost if this would be more convenient.

Plus, it is now possible owing to advancements in the drying of water-based high traffic, high traction floor seals to undertake this defensive maintenance process overnight or over a weekend, therefore keeping any disruption to a complete minimum or removing it completely.


Yes! We offer overnight or weekend refurbishments to minimise any disruption.

Yes, we specialise in the full refurbishments of squash courts. This is inclusive of the walls and ceilings and everything else required. Get in touch for more information.

When it comes to our refurbishments, we make sure that everything we do is above board. Our flooring engineers have years of experience and the equipment to ensure a safe working environment. We have also invested heavily in dust extractors, keeping your premises tidy and safe.

Sports Hall Floor Refurbishments, Call Now

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