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Epoxy Coatings For Granwood Sports Flooring

If you have a Granwood sports floor that requires replacing, our epoxy coatings option might be the ideal solution to extending its life for a few more years. Granwood surfaces were a very popular sports flooring option in the 1900s and are still around today. Up to 70% of indoor sports in the UK is played on a Granwood floor.

Whilst these floors are very long-wearing, over time they can become less than adequate, and a replacement can be costly. With our epoxy coatings, we can revive your sports floor giving it a completely new look, whilst extending the life of your current Granwood floor.

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What Is An Epoxy Floor Coating?

Modified Epoxy is a coloured coating that can be applied over the top of an existing Granwood floor. When sanding is not recommended, epoxy offers an alternative.

Granwood floors should not be sanded more than twice. Each block has a wear level of 7mm. Each time they are sanded, 1-2mm is removed from the surface, making the floor less effective. Our epoxy modifications can lengthen the life of your existing floor, depending on condition of the blocks, until the budget is in place for a replacement installation.

Our Process:

This offers the surface a hard-wearing finish that gives good wear resistance on your Granwood floor. You can choose from a range of colour options. We will also apply line markings to your new floor, if requested.

Modified Epoxy Coating
Modified Epoxy Coating

Benefits of Epoxy Coatings For Sports Floors

There are many benefits of an epoxy coating for your sports floor. Some of the main benefits include:


Granwood blocks were invented in the 1900s. Made from cement, sawdust and plaster, they were hydraulically pressed to form a hard-wearing block which was extremely popular for indoor sports flooring and other flooring uses. Many sports halls and sports floors still have this flooring type today. A well-kept Granwood floor can last for many years, however with regular use they can become inadequate as a sports floor, often needing to be replaced.

This is an epoxy coating that is perfectly suited to industrial use. It offers a glossy finish that is extremely hardwearing and perfectly suited as a protective layer to older Granwood floors. You can choose from a range of colours including:

  • Range of blues
  • Grey
  • Safety red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Cream

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