We were asked to perform a commercial refurbishment contract on this occasion in London at the famous Cornithia 5-star hotel. The hotel has stunning oak parquet flooring in the penthouse suite that needed a facelift. The specification was a sanding and staining in a wedge stain colour and this dark stain looks great on an oak grain and was in keeping with the hotel’s interior decor.  The condition of the wooden floor when we arrived was patchy and dull from where the finish had worn and allowed the grain to become dirty.

It was rather hard bringing all the sanding equipment up to the top floor of this massive hotel and all the varies boxes holding power cables, dust bags, papers and other accessories. After a very long time getting to the starting sanding machine period we were ready to start the first process, we went through the sanding stages, closing the oak flooring to high grit, finishing the floor with orbital sander making the grain so smooth and ready for staining application. We the hoovered the floor and put a pool of stain on the floor, then floated it across the flooring with a blade to ensure even coverage. After a small period, the stain was then ready to be burnished into the oak flooring and allowed to dry. When the team were happy with the finish and the wood stain had finally cured, they applied two coats of protective lacquer the floor. This high traffic laqure will ensure protection from high food traffic and would keep the flooring looking in great condition for years.

The final look of the floor was this wooden restoration ended very satisfyingly and only took the team two days to complete.