What Are Sports Hall Floors Made Of? Commonly Asked Questions

Sports hall floors can be made from a variety of materials. Wood, vinyl, PU & lino are all typical examples of quality, durable surfaces available to you. Which choice you make is dependent upon your budget, the size of your sports hall, its intended use, and maintenance capabilities. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions to help you find answers.

What Tape Can Be Used On Sports Hall Floors?

It’s recommended that you use specialist sports flooring tape for marking out exercises and areas on your sports hall floor. This is due to the residue that can be left over for strong adhesives. This residue can collect dirt and debris a lot easier, creating higher maintenance labour when it comes to cleaning. Construction, masking, electrical or duct tape are all examples of tape that should be avoided when used on your sports hall floor.

Which Shoes Can Be Worn On Sports Hall Floors?

As a general rule, all footwear worn on a sports hall floor should be specifically designed for sports use. Black soles are often found on decorative footwear such as dress shoes or high heels. We advise restricting the users of your venue or gym to allocated footwear to avoid marks and damage. These types of shoes can leave marks that are hard to remove, which ultimately leads to more work when cleaning and maintaining your flooring.

How Often Should You Clean Sports Hall Flooring?

We advise removing dirt and sweeping your sports hall floor as often as once a day. This way, you can keep it clean and functional. Furthermore, a sports hall floor should be specifically cleaned with a V mop or equivalent once a week to remove marks, stubborn stains, sweat and oils from the area. The nature of a gym or sports venue means there will be a lot of movement, sweat and oils being left on your flooring. Therefore, regular sweeping and cleaning will help keep it in top condition.

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Choose Courtship Flooring For Quality Installations

For high-quality sports hall floors, get in touch with Courtship Flooring. We offer a wide range of installation options including line marking, refurbishment, and plenty of surfacing choices to ensure your sports hall or venue is fitted with the best flooring. For more information on our installations, contact on of the expert team today to find out more.


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