Thinking of having wooden flooring installed in your sports hall? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Courtship Flooring, we specialise in sports hall floor installation, maintenance and refurbishment

Why is wooden flooring a good option for a sports hall?

If your school or sports centre is looking to add new athletic flooring, you might want to consider wooden sports flooring. Before investing in a new floor, make sure to consider the specific needs of the space, as well as the visual aesthetic. Some of the aspects you might want to consider are:

  • Friction – The ideal friction rating of sports hall flooring is between 80 and 110, creating the perfect grip for sports with rapid feet movement. The flooring shouldn’t be too smooth or too rough.
  • Rolling load – If rolling loads such as trolleys or retractable seating are used in your sports hall, this should be considered when selecting your flooring. 
  • Vertical deformation – When it comes to impact from dynamic loads such as jogging, the floor should be able to flex to support shock absorption.
  • Shock absorption – Shock absorption can be measured through testing, it’s important to consider this aspect as it will minimise the risk of injury. 
  • Ball bounce – Rebound can be measured to ensure improved ball control and game efficiency.

Wooden sports flooring is commonly used for sports such as basketball and netball, as they have great ball bounce and shock absorption properties. They’re best used solely for sports use, not multi-activity, so it might not be the best option if it’s being installed for multiple purposes. 

What types of wooden sports hall flooring is available?

A variety of wood is available when choosing your flooring, with each type of flooring designed to provide maximum traction and minimal risk of injury. They are also treated with special finishes to provide better resistance to water, cleaning products, and resin removers – this makes them fairly durable. They’re not the most durable form of sports flooring, however, they can be restored to a brand new condition through floor sanding. Aesthetically, wooden flooring creates a classic look for any sports venue. There are a variety of customisable options available such as type of wood, finish, and sports grade.  

At Courtship Flooring, we offer premium wooden sports hall flooring in maple, beech or oak in various thicknesses. We also offer four different sports finishes and three different sports grades. 

How is it installed?

There are multiple different systems that can be used when installing wooden sports hall flooring. The system used could depend on budget, intended use, and the existing flooring in the space. The systems offered by Courtship Flooring are:

Cradle System

This system is designed to increase the height of the floor, with supportive planks being used to raise the floor. This is also a good option for flooring with an uneven surface, as it can level out the flooring without resurfacing the subfloor. The planks are laser-levelled to ensure it lies completely flat. Features of this flooring include:

  • 70-140mm build height 
  • Unlevel subfloor control
  • Area elastic qualities  


Standard Sports Batten

This system is ideal for projects which require a quick and easy installation. This method also uses planks with rubber padding to raise the floor; however, unlike the cradle system, the existing floor must be level. The amount of battens varies depending on the sports hall requirements. Features of this flooring include:

  • 71-83mm build height 
  • Quick installation


Pad and Board

This system is a great option for venues where raised flooring cannot be accommodated. The boards are placed onto sufficient rubber backing to not allow flexible movement. Features of this flooring include:

  • Low build height allowance
  • 30mm build height
  • Point elastic qualities


Duo Batten System

This system is used for sports halls where underfloor heating or pipes need to be accommodated. It uses additional planks compared to standard batten systems, making it the more durable option. It does take much longer to install and requires a very sublevel floor, however. Features of this flooring include:

  • Underfloor heating compatible
  • Durable system for weight loading
  • 75mm build height


Sport Performance

This system is similar to the duo batten system, however, it uses a double batten instead of a single counter batten. This can be used to give the flooring extra height, giving it additional durability and shock absorption. Features of this flooring include:

  • Extra height to the duo batten
  • Extra durability if T&G ply subfloor is installed
  • Better sports performance


How can wooden sports hall flooring be maintained? 

Wooden sports flooring should have regular maintenance to ensure it is safe for use and meets current sporting regulations. This includes cleaning, repairs, line marking and lacquer recoating. At Courtship Flooring, we offer all of these services to make sure your sports flooring is safe for use. 

Sports hall flooring will need refurbishment over time, no matter what material it is made of. Wood is a great material when it comes to refurbishment as it can easily be sanded down to smooth out any imperfections. Once the wooden flooring has been sanded, the grain of the wood can be closed before applying primer. Specialist line markings can then be added before it is all sealed with a final coat of sports accredited lacquer. Refurbishment is generally a faster, cost-effective solution compared to a complete reinstallation.

If you’re interested in any of our sports hall flooring services, feel free to get in touch with our team by calling us on 01823 674562 or by visiting our website.