Sports lino flooring is a great option for indoor sports halls. Over time lino flooring might become worn or damaged and need to be maintained or replaced. Unlike other types of sports hall flooring, lino flooring can’t be restored to create a brand new surface. Wondering why you should consider having your sports lino flooring refurbished? Keep reading to find out!

What is sports lino flooring?

Sports lino flooring is an organic-based option, with a base layer of cork. Cork is a renewable material, making it a great choice if you’re looking for a greener option. It might not look as classic as a wooden sports hall floor and has a smaller variety of colour options compared to vinyl flooring. However, it is an incredibly durable option. The durability of sports lino flooring makes it perfect for multi-purpose sports halls. Lino flooring can be maintained through basic regular cleaning, making its upkeep simple and relatively cheap! Despite not having as many colour options as vinyl sports hall flooring, there is still a range of colours available. The material used makes it perfect for ball sports such as tennis and basketball, due to the high levels of elasticity improving ball bounce. 

What should you do if your sports lino flooring becomes worn or damaged?

Over time, all types of sports hall flooring will become worn and/or damaged due to constant use. Fortunately, lino flooring is generally fairly durable. However, irregular or a lack of cleaning will cause the floor to become worn more quickly. If you invest in a professional, regular cleaning routine, your sports lino flooring will last longer. If you do notice that your sports hall flooring has become worn or damaged over time, it might be time to arrange a refurbishment service. You might see the sports markings fading, the floor becoming more slippery, or other signs of damage. 

As previously mentioned, lino flooring can’t be restored in the same way as other types of sports hall flooring. We’re unable to strip back the surface of the lino to produce a new, smooth surface. Despite this, it is still possible to revive the flooring to improve the cosmetic appearance and add more traction to reduce the risk of slipping. To do this we will perform a deep clean of the linoleum flooring, before lightly abrading the surface. Once these steps are complete, a new set of sports markings can be painted on. Finally, we will finish off the surface of the floor by applying a coat of lacquer to seal everything in. 

What are the advantages of restoring a sports lino floor?

There are several benefits to having your lino sports hall flooring refurbished. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved safety due to increased friction levels
  • Adherence to sporting regulations due to updated sports markings
  • Opportunity to customise your flooring
  • Improved cosmetic appearance
  • Refreshed surface increases the longevity of the flooring
  • Opportunity to have a free post-refurbishment visit from Courtship Flooring as part of the restoration service

What refurbishment services does Courtship Flooring offer?

Courtship Flooring offers a range of restoration services, depending on the type of sports hall flooring you have installed. Refurbishment is an essential service for the majority of schools, universities and sports centres. Every sports hall floor will need refurbishment over years of use to maintain safety standards and adhere to relevant sporting regulations. This could be to improve the traction of the flooring, renew the sports markings, or simply improve the cosmetic look. Refurbishment is also a great cost-effective solution for floors that have become damaged over time.

A full replacement of the floor can be quite expensive, so refurbishment might be a more suitable option for those on a budget. At Courtship Flooring, we can help you refurbish your sports hall flooring. We are able to refurbish wood, linoleum and vinyl flooring. Wooden sports hall flooring can be sanded down to smooth out any imperfections. Vinyl flooring can be overcoated with a new layer of vinyl. 

Thinking about having your sports hall flooring refurbished? Feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss your options. We will help you through the whole process, from start to finish. Helping you to bring your sports hall flooring back to its former glory.