This contract was in Taunton, Somerset, on our doorstep.

We were hired on another ‘clean and reseal’, known as a defensive maintenance contract. We were there to key back the sports hall surface with sandscreen discs and clean floor with appropriate cleaning agents to break down fats and grease. We then apply two coats of sports lacquer; our old friend Bonakemi! 

Blackbrook Sports Pavilion (now known as Better Gym, Taunton) are an old and loyal client of ours that we have done numerous contracts for. They had us back for scheduled defensive maintenance again this time. The floor was cosmetically in good condition but had a lot of broken down fats, which is mostly down to sweat that had been dropped across the sports hall over the years, this will eventually react with the sports lacquer if it remains on the floor for too long.

The job itself was seamless: we cleaned the floor and got rid of all traces of grease and contaminates, then abraded the surface and applied two coats of lacquer. The hardest part as with all these sports halls is the sheer area needed to cover to finish each process.

What’s slightly different about this contract is it’s a Granwood floor, so this means it’s not timber and won’t as easily soak up the lacquer like a timber floor would; application is key!

The day was cold and only about 2 degrees so drying times were not as quick as we would of liked. Lacquers depend on two factors to dry, ambient temperature and air flow, we had neither on this day. It took about 4 hours for the first coat to dry!

The customer was of course very pleased and will hopefully get us back again in a few years when the hall needs its next round of maintenance