This job was in a little school in South Wales.

The school had contacted us through our website to sand and lacquer the floor to try and bring it to its former glory. No games lines, a simple ‘sand a seal’. 

The floor itself is quite rare indeed and it’s an African hard wood called Merbau! This is a beautiful dark wood which used to be popular as they hide scratches and scuffs with their natural dark wood colour.

When we got there the floor was in dire need of treatment as it had been left to its own devices for many years without any defensive maintenance; the lacquer had worn away back to the bare Merbau in many places and scratches were showing through left, right and centre. You must be careful leaving untreated timber for too long as it can result in the wood being exposed to fats and greases that will sink in.

The hardest part to this job was that hardwoods are difficult to sand but by far the most challenging part of this contract was sanding out the stains in the wood. They had soaked into the timber and we had to sand back millimetres of the floor in order to rip through to the clean grain!

Merbau is an interesting wood because no matter what the lacquer or oil you put on the floor, it will always remain  dark and patchy looking – you can see by the stripes! It’s the way of the wood.

After the floor was sanded down so that is was very smooth, the primer was added and then denibbed (grain on wood raises like hair when has been made wet, so needs a ‘haircut’ so to speak before applying final coat), we then applied two coats of Bonakemi Matt.  The client was very happy with the end result compared to what it looked like before