In need of commercial floor maintenance for your sports hall? Courtship Flooring has you covered! Keep reading to learn more about our maintenance and line marking services.

What are sports line markings?

Sports line-markings are necessary for most indoor sporting activities. They’re used to map out the court according to regulation, making it easier for players and viewers to understand the gameplay. Two types of line-markings are available: painted lines and self-adhesive tapes. Painted lines are the more durable of the two, often being able to last for 5-7 years without refurbishment. Line markings should be updated to stay in line with sporting regulations, put in place by Sport England. Line markings need to be carefully mapped out so they are not too close or run over each other. 

Line markings are painted in different colours, depending on the sport. Generally, the colour of the lines will be consistent across courts, however, there’s no requirement to have them a specific colour. The colour guide for sports line-markings is as follows:

  • Netball – red
  • Basketball – black 
  • Badminton – white
  • Volleyball – green
  • 5-a-side football – orange/red
  • Tennis – yellow
  • Cricket – orange

Can sports hall markings be repainted?

Of course, as sports regulations change, so should your line-markings. If your line markings aren’t up to date, you may not be able to hold professional sporting events at your venue. Thankfully, line markings can be renewed through localised sanding to remove the old lines, before repainting and resealing. At Courtship Flooring, we use approved specialist proprietary high traffic line paints to make sure they last as long as possible. 

As well as updating your line markings, we can cater to bespoke requests. For example, if you’d like your sports or club logo painted on the floor to personalise the court, we can do that! Typically, logos will be placed in the centre circle, but this is up to personal preference. If you have any other bespoke requests such as differences in colour or cosmetic requirements, let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate.

What is commercial floor maintenance?

Commercial floor maintenance is essential for keeping your sports hall looking its best. If you’ve recently had your sports hall floor installed or refurbished, we strongly recommend introducing a maintenance programme.

Due to the nature of a sports hall, grease and sweat will regularly contaminate the surface. This can damage the surface coating of the floor, leading to reduced traction and less protection for your floor. Reduced traction can be incredibly dangerous, as it is a potential slip hazard for those using the sports hall. If a player is injured due to poor resistance on your floor, you could be liable. You can check the traction of your floor through slip resistance testing – this should be carried out at least once a year to ensure the sports hall is safe for use.

Regular maintenance should include a deep clean using approved cleaning materials and equipment. This will remove any grit and grease from the floor’s surface, preventing unnecessary damage. It’s your responsibility as a sporting faculty to ensure the safety of your sports hall, so it’s vital to carry out a regular maintenance routine.

Once Courtship Flooring has carried out maintenance on your sports hall floor, we will present you with a certificate of “Safe sports flooring”. This will show that your floor is safe for use.

What is sports hall refurbishment?

Think your sports hall needs a bit more than commercial floor maintenance? We also offer refurbishment services to bring your sports hall floor back to life. Over years of constant use, every sports hall will need some form of refurbishment. This refurbishment will improve the safety and performance of your flooring. If you don’t have the budget for a completely new floor, refurbishment is the best option for you.

Refurbishment is a faster process than re-installation and, alongside regular maintenance, it can be just as effective. Depending on the type of floor you have, the refurbishment process will be different.

  • Wooden sports flooring – floor sanding and re-lacquer.
  • Lino sports flooring – deep clean, abrade and re-lacquer.
  • Vinyl sports flooring – overcoat with vinyl and top coat.

Of course, new line markings will need to be painted as part of the refurbishment process. Interested in any of our commercial floor maintenance services? Get in touch!