Wooden Sprung Floor Somerset

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large hall or a small and intimate place to enjoy sports, it’s important to have a good quality floor. There are a lot of flooring options, but you cannot deny the benefits that come with a sprung wooden floor.

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Sprung Wooden Flooring Somerset UK

What is a Wooden Sprung Floor?

There are a number of different flooring types to choose from and choosing the correct one is key, especially if the floor is used by a lot of different people. When it comes to indoor sports and physical tasks, a wooden sprung floor is the favoured choice of many. This is because a sprung floor is able to absorb shock, which gives a softer and more comfortable landing if you are taking part in sport. Whether you are dancing or playing tennis, doing gymnastics or enjoying physical education, it’s important to use a floor that offers support and a comfortable landing. Otherwise, you run the risk of an injury.

If you take a look at the floor of any indoor sports hall or dance studio, you will notice that the floor is a lot softer than a standard concrete or wooden floor. This is because a wooden sprung floor has a layer of support underneath, which can be created using foam or rubber. There are even some sprung floors that use woven wood to absorb the shock of someone moving around. A sprung floor plays an important part in indoor sports, as it can enhance performance and reduce injuries. With a softer landing, there is less pressure on the body.

Wooden Sprung Floor Installation

It’s important to choose the correct flooring for your sports hall. With everyone having slightly different requirements – in regards to both performance and aesthetics – choosing a floor that ticks every box is key. Every sports hall needs a floor that’s going to provide support, durability and a long lasting performance. Luckily, we are here to help. Installing a new floor in a sports hall can be time consuming, but the rewards are undeniable. When you choose a professional team, such as the experts here at Courtship Flooring, you can relax knowing that your wooden sprung floor will be installed flawlessly. We guarantee an efficient, professional and unmatched service. To find out more, get in touch with the Courtship Flooring team.