This recent project at Exeter University was to resurface their sports hall flooring as part of a defensive maintenance contract. This particular sports floor is 1200 square meters of junckers timber sports flooring, with games lines galore. As you can imagine, this university sports hall is used very frequently. The most pressing issue is the deterioration of traction and so maintenance helps to create a slip resistant floor. You don’t want sports players slipping over all of the time!

Ideally, every sports floor needs a re-coating of sports lacquer every 12-18 months. This is not an exact science and will depend on how much use the floor gets. For example, a badminton court in a village hall will not need a defence maintenance programme. A sports hall like this one at Exeter University has over 15 different games lines including basketball lines, netball lines etc. When applying layers of sports lacquers, you are of course preventing all of these games lines from fading away, which prevents the need for serious works in the future.

We abraded the sports surface with very fine sandpaper to ensure that the new sports lacquer will stick. The sports flooring then needs to be deep cleaned to remove fats and greases from the timber. This is done to remove any contaminants left in the old sports lacquer that could react with the fresh lacquer. This could potentially cause a number of issues including discolouration, adhesion problems and cosmetic issues.

For every job, we take huge industrial fans with us to ensure that the floor dries as quickly as possible. Lacquers on large areas such as sports halls such as this need suitable air flow in order to dry quickly.

Applying the Lacquer