5 Reasons To Install Wooden Sports Flooring

Wooden sports flooring achieves the perfect equilibrium of sustainability, maintainability and utility. With such a wide range of benefits, a brand-new sports floor made from timber could tick all the boxes for your venue. Whether you’re installing a low-key training area for various sports, or a complete competitive arena, you’ll be over the moon with this style of flooring. To help emphasise how great timber is for sports, we’ve compiled a list of benefits.

Simple Maintenance

A fantastic feature of wooden sports flooring is the straightforward maintenance. The polished, hardwearing coating applied on top of timber floors is smooth, sleek and easy to clean. Sweeping and buffing will be a breeze in comparison to traditional flooring alternatives. What’s more, a daily dust mop can help increase the longevity and health of your timber flooring for years to come.

Shock Absorption

Wooden sports flooring is far more forgiving than alternatives such as tarmac or concrete. The nature of this material means there’s more give and flex within the flooring, without sacrificing durability or strength. This means you get the best of both worlds with a brand-new installation. Sports involving balls, such as basketball and football, will receive an improved bounce. What’s more, users will also experience injuries less frequently compared to traditional flooring.

Sanding Timber Floor

Environmentally Friendly

Timber is a very sustainable resource. Due to the regenerative nature of trees, wooden sports flooring can be crafted using materials that are completely renewable. As long as the lumber wholesaler practices sustainable forest management, you can rest assured knowing your brand-new installation had zero negative impacts on the environment around you. If sustainable, eco-friendly practices are a priority for you, then wooden sports flooring is the best choice.


Another great advantage to quality wooden sports flooring is the customisation options. You can opt for a variety of different timber types. Softwood, hardwood, specific coatings or varnishes are all at your disposal with this flooring style. What’s more, you can pick different colours, line markings and patterns to make your floor completely unique. If you’re interested in how you can design a timber floor, contact our team to discuss your options.

Finsihed Timber Sanding, Sealing And Relined

Hardwearing & Durable

If durability and resilience are a priority for you, then wooden sports flooring may be the perfect solution. With specialised coatings and varnishes, along with tried and test maintenance techniques, you could reap the rewards of a sports floor that stands the test of time. Engineered timber is renowned for being hardwearing whilst not sacrificing on quality.

Get In Touch With Courtship Flooring For High-Quality Wooden Sports Floors

As experts in all sports floors, we’re proud to provide high-quality installations with efficiency and attention to detail. If you’re looking for a new floor for your venue, or perhaps you’d like to discuss a project, then contact one of our professional team members today.


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