Granwood Flooring refurbishment

Granwood Flooring refurbishment Is a huge aspect of our Sports flooring refurbishment projects we come across. The Granwood block, on a flat or sprung system is a composite block made from linoseed, sawdust & cement. As Granwood approved contractors we use all the recommended products and techniques.

Unfortunately Granwood as a company have gone out of business, though a large percentage of sports hall floors and activity rooms still have Granwood blocks in.

How to refurbish Granwood sports Flooring

Granwood Sports flooring can be refurbished the same way that we Refurbish timber Sports flooring. By sanding back the top surface, removing damage, applying a primer coat and installing games lines.  We undertake all aspects of Granwood Flooring refurbishment such as;

  • Granwood sanding and sealing
  • Granwood repairs
  • Granwood releasing
  • Granwood re-sealing

As you can see a fantastic alternative to the standard practise of Sanding and sealing. Using the already present area elasticity of the existing Granwood Sports flooring and traction levels of sports lacquer. We are able to cover up your old Granwood and give you a effectively a new Sports hall floor. This system will fit into budgets and time constraints.

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Filling cracks in Granwood flooring

Using a cement based filling agent, the areas with cracks and holes are filled with two coats.

Adding an abrasive key to flooring

​We then lightly abrade the surface to ensure the resin sticks

Clean Granwood flooring

We then clean the Flooring to ensure no contamination is left.

Apply primer coat of epoxy

​A primer coat of the resin is the applied to the Granwood flooring.

Apply top coat of epoxy

After the primer coat had cured, a top coat of epoxy resin is applied to the Granwood Flooring.

Installation of games court lines

​We hen install any court & games lines marking you require.

Finish coat of Sports lacquer

​Finally a coat of sports accredited lacquer is applied to seal in the whole process.

Gym and Sports Flooring Core Services

Installation, Refurbishment, Maintance, Line Marking, Repairs, Cleaning and Recoating of Sports Laquer for Basketball, Badminton and Sporting Arena Floorings in Bristol, Somerset and UK Nationwide

Sports hall flooring is a specialised service, Whether your Sports Hall needs a new sprung floor, refurbishment of an older existing floor and/or maintenance to keep it looking fresh and traction levels safe then we are your company.

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