Gym Flooring Refurbishment with Courtship flooring. On this Gym Flooring contract for a primary school we were asked to come and price for a Total Refurbishment of their gym flooring.

Size of Contract; size of Gym flooring Refurbishment was 250sqm

Condition of flooring was not in disrepair but it was un level and the traction on the gym flooring was poor.

Specification; On this gym flooring contact we were priced to sand back the original parquet blocks to level the floor, then to close the grain and apply three coats of sports lacquer. the approved lacquer will restore traction and a better cosmetic look to the flooring. we then needed to install line markings on the floor. (one netball court)

timing; On this gym flooring Refurbishment, the team of three men took 2 days.

When sanding through the grain on this sports floor, we found lots of mark and damage in the flooring. Our sanding machines managed to remove these on the first day, leaving a raw timber finish. The client expressed a interest in having the gymnasium flooring used for multi activity so we needed to close the grain highly to prevent liquids and spillages soaking into the floor. As with most schools we work in they use rooms for multi activity such as dinning, exams and games. We are experienced in providing a finished result that suits all needs. As well as Sports hall specific finishes needed solely for sports performance.

After the primer coat was applied and allowed to dry. The finish of the gymnasium flooring came through. we installed the netball reduced line markings to suit size of the hall. Then finished with two coats of lacquer to protect the flooring from the small school kids.