Sports Hall Flooring UK Nationwide

As a flooring company, we install a variety of wood flooring in residential and commercial buildings. However, our specialism is actually in maintaining, restoring and installing sports hall flooring. This usually includes large-scale refurbishments of gymnasiums, dance studios, and sports halls.

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The project logistics for sports flooring is similar to domestic projects but on a larger scale! The main difference between domestic and sports flooring contracts is the materials used in the project. Sports hall flooring must be ‘sprung’ meaning it has some give to allow players to play more effectively. A sprung floor system absorbs shock much better than average flooring and has a lower impact level. This type of flooring enhances performance and greatly reduces injury.

To enhance a players performance, good trainers really make a difference! It not only helps to keep the flooring in great shape, it also further reduces the shock impact on your joints.

So, how do we go about installing sports hall flooring?


When installing sports hall flooring, there are a few different materials that are required. One of the most important is the several thousand tones of battens that the sports flooring will lie on top of. Just the battens alone requires an arctic lorry, and that is just for the subfloor!

For the timber, we require a further lorry for the 16 tons of timber for the flooring itself. Once you include the 18,000 nails and litres of wood glue, paint, sanding machines and other equipment, it usually takes a whole day just to unload the lorries!

We use a forklift truck for the heavier material as it would be far too dangerous for us to try to move by ourselves. Installing sports hall flooring from start to finish usually takes about three full weeks using five team members.

We have been installing sports hall flooring for 30+ years and the process has varied quite a bit over that time. The business first started with flooring refurbishments. However, we have grown substantially over the last decade and now undertake all manner of sports flooring projects! Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your flooring needs.