Junckers Flooring refurbishment

Junckers Flooring Refurbishment. Sports hall floor refurbishment is a large part of any Sports flooring contractor. We are Junckers approved contractors and carry out Junckers Sports floor refurbishments constantly throughout the uk. As Junckers Sports flooring contractors we use the manufactures approved materials and refurbishment techniques for all Sports Flooring refurbishment projects. We have had a long working relationship with Junckers as they are a market leader in the sports hall flooring world.

Junckers beech flooring is a 22mm T&G pre-shrunk solid wood Sports floor, designed for many different types of installations depending on requirement. This type of Flooring is the premium of Sports flooring and though it may have high maintenance implications. If well looked after will last generations.

Aspects of a Junkers Flooring Refurbishment

The only way to Refurbish Junkers wood Flooring is with a full sanding back of the grain to remove damage and re apply Junkers approved products to protect the Flooring. With many years experience in Junkers Flooring refurbishment, we can carry out this and any specification for Junkers Flooring. Including;

  • Sanding and sealing
  • Games lines & court markings
  • Repairs
  • Expansion issues

Junckers sports floor refurbishment is a specialised trade as normally the areas are so large scale and you need a lot of machinery to tackle this size of refurbishment.

If you are interested in our services, please get in contact via our contact page.

Junckers approved contracts


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Sports hall flooring is a specialised service, Whether your Sports Hall needs a new sprung floor, refurbishment of an older existing floor and/or maintenance to keep it looking fresh and traction levels safe then we are your company. We offer full package in house. From initial contact to arranging a visit & preparing a quote specific to you and your Sport Hall Floors needs.    


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