K2 Crawley Sports Floor Refurbishment

This huge refurbishment contract was carried out at the incredible K2 building in Crawley, Sussex. The restoration contract was a massive 2000sqm of Yunkers beech sports flooring that needed sanding, lining and finishing. The K2 building has the most fantastic facilities and is the training ground for a variety of professional athletes and Olympians! Its only right that they have a fresh professionally refurbished sports hall floor to train on. This refurbishment was part of a recent £6.3m investment project to improve the facilities, equipment and services.

The team arrived at this contract heavily equipped to ensure that the project would be completed by the strict deadline. There were 5-6 members of the team tending to the works throughout the entire contract.

The Project

Firstly, the team had to begin the daunting task of sanding the floor. We had five sanding machines going at all times, plus our new fancy bit of kit – the ‘Super Hummel’. The team sanded the Sports hall through four grits and used orbital sanders to close the grain. This also helped to maintain the new light finish of the flooring. This element of the contract took five days of continuous sanding with six team members. 187 bags of sawdust later, this huge sports hall was ready to be hoovered and primed.

At the same time, all the floor sockets for the games line posts had to be removed, cleaned, sanded and lacquered separately to ensure they were not sealed into the floor. This was no small task as at last count there were over 30 sockets. The holes also had to be skilfully sealed around when applying each coat of lacquer.

The lacquering of the sports floor took our restoration team 4 hours to apply, this when dried and cured allowed us to start the ‘keying’ process. This essentially takes the surface back to a smooth surface where the grain has risen from the priming agent. This is again a lengthy process, taking a further three hours to complete.


Games Lines

This particular contract had a large number of court lines. x4 basketball courts, x4 netball courts, a volleyball court and x12 Badminton courts were required on this contract. The team managed to paint 21 courts over a week, which isn’t an easy task considering some paints require more than one coat! Finally, the team were ready to apply the final coats of lacquer to protect all our hard work over the previous 2 weeks.

Working on a large scale contract such as this is a fantastic opportunity for us and is an excuse for the whole team to work together. Although a great amount of work went into this project, we have highly skilled people that managed to finish the floor to an incredibly high standard.