Thinking about having lino flooring installed on your sports hall? It can be a great option for many reasons, including low maintenance and high durability. Keep reading to learn more about sports lino and how it could be the perfect option for your venue.

What is sports lino flooring?

Sports linoleum is a cork-based, organic sports flooring option. If you’re looking for a greener, renewable option, this is the one for you! It might not look as classic as a wooden floor, however, it is more suitable for multi-activity use. Sports lino has an area elasticity of 25-30%, making it perfect for ball sports such as tennis and basketball. 

What are the benefits of lino flooring?

Still wondering whether sports lino is the right choice for you? There are plenty of benefits to consider, such as the durability and renewability mentioned previously. Here are the top four benefits of having sports lino flooring installed.

Low risk of injuries

We optimise all of our sports floorings to ensure it is safe for use. Lino flooring has elastic qualities that allow for shock absorption. This minimises the risk of injury, reducing muscle fatigue and boosting overall performance. The slip resistance should be tested annually, however, lino flooring maintains its friction rating with minimal maintenance. This means it’s unlikely users will face injury from slipping.

Suitable for heavy loads

In combination with a supportive subfloor, sports linoleum can cope with heavy and rolling loads. This makes it appropriate for several different sports, as well as bleachers and other seating options. The reason for this is that sports lino is extremely flexible, with the ability to bend without damage when faced with a dynamic load.


Sports lino flooring is the most low-maintenance option out of all possible materials. It requires very maintenance after installation, only basic cleaning. As with most floors, it will require some form of refurbishment after many years of use. This is simply a deep clean and abrade, reapplying the line markings and sealant. Basic cleaning will leave sports lino looking good and performing well for many years to come. 

Visually customisable

Although it doesn’t have as many colour options as some vinyl floors, sports lino is still relatively customisable. With a good range of colours and textures, you can choose the perfect style for your venue. You can choose a brightly coloured floor or a more subtle shade for a classic aesthetic.

What are your other flooring options?

Still not sure about having sports lino flooring installed? Let’s have a look at some of your other options.

Wooden Sports Flooring

Wooden flooring is the premium option for sports halls. It comes in maple, beech or oak in varying thicknesses, so you have the option to choose the right visual flooring for your venue. It may be the most classic option, however, it’s not as durable as the other options and isn’t suitable for multi-activity. It can be refurbished after years of use through a process called floor sanding, creating a brand new surface. There’s no denying that wooden flooring is the most beautiful choice, however, it might not be the most practical.

Vinyl Sports Flooring

Vinyl is a true synthetic material, making it durable and easy to maintain. There’s also a wider range of colours and patterns available compared to linoleum flooring. These floors cannot be sanded like wooden floors to create a new surface, however, they can be wet sanded with special papers and re-sealed with lacquer. This will improve the overall appearance and performance.

PU Floor Coatings

A polyurethane resin coating is designed for restoration purposes. It coats your existing sports hall floor, transforming its appearance and reinstating necessary traction levels that may have been reduced after years of use. It’s far cheaper than having new flooring installed, and will refresh your venue in no time!

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