Slip Resistance Testing

As a Professional Company we are ideally placed to offer a recognised and accredited service to establish the traction levels of all of your activity flooring. For those responsible for flooring in all areas it is now a legal requirement to carry out slip resistance testing and to know the slip resistance of your flooring as part of an all-round risk assessment.

The Pendulum Slip Resistance Test (to BS7976) is the only procedure to be recognised by both the Health and Safety Executive and the law itself and should be carried out annually, therefore, displaying that the floor is fit for purpose.

The production of a current Slip Resistance Test Certificate is likely to alleviate any potential personal injury claim.

The Liability of Sports/Activity Floors and You

A substantial fine and possible prosecution for breaching health and welfare regulations which states, a slippery or unfit floor should not expose a member of the public to a risk to their health and safety and it is a duty of the manager to ensure slip and fall prevention is highly considered and rectified.

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