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Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment

Courtship Limited is a highly specialised Company working within the Leisure industry and Schools dealing specifically with the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of all Sports Hall and activity flooring as well as every aspect of Squash Court maintenance.

Aside from installation, the other main service we offer is sports flooring refurbishment. This is absolutely essential for most universities, schools and leisure centres as, over the years of constant use, the flooring has to be refurbished for safety and performance purposes.

It is entirely likely that a new sports floor will become worn and damaged over time and will require refurbishment to meet sporting regulations. This includes stripping the top layer of the flooring system using specialist sanding machinery. This removes all scratches and imperfections that is caused by heavy use. The team then apply sports accredited lacquer, to increase the durability of the floor. The team also have the capability to install any court lines required to meet the job specification.

The entire sports hall refurbishment can be completed in a shorter time period than a full installation and as long as the sports floor is maintained on a regular basis, it should stay looking new for many years.

Both ourselves and the manufacturers recommend that given average usage, a sporting or activity floor should require a deep clean service between every eighteen months to two years.

Refurbishment Process:

Sanding and Finishing: This process will require specialist machinery to sand the sports flooring to a point where the damage is eliminated and restored to a new condition. The flooring is then covered in a sports accredited lacquer to reinstate the traction and cosmetic appearance of the sports hall floor.

Deep Clean: Due to constant use, sport hall flooring is prone to contamination from dirt, grease and fats that can become trapped in the top layer of lacquer and will need a light sand to remove the contaminates. The team will then apply a fresh coat of lacquer to reinstate the traction levels.

Games Lines: The team can lay any combination of game lines to the client’s specification using specialist paints or tapes as required.

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