Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment

Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment is a specific aspect of our company, Sports flooring refurbishment can mean general sports flooring. i.e gymnasiums, squash courts, dance studios or general activity flooring. Sports Hall Floor refurbishment has its own specific flooring requirements and special materials needed.

In a sports hall there are a number of games lines that need maintaining, often a sports hall will have the highest amount of foot traffic. A sports hall floor will have more games played on it than any other sports floor. It’s very important to subscribe to a Sports hall maintenance program to ensure the sports hall floor keeps a high standard of play.

Should this not happen and the Sports hall floor need refurbishing then we have a solution to every type of Sports flooring in your hall.

Granwood flooring

Yunkers flooring

vinyl Sport flooring

Linoleum Sport Flooring

Engineered Sports Flooring

Maple Ports Flooring

Sanding and sealing

Games lines markings

sports floor maintenance


slip testing

As a company, we offer a full sports hall refurbishment also. The decoration of outer court walls, lighting and ventilation. We also Offer Emergency call out Service for board repairs and slip testing should there ever be an incident on your sports hall floor.